We are grateful to our supporters who work with us to make high quality education for refugees possible.


Programme Partners 

Our programme partners work with us to support our educational programming and delivery.

Education Partner

UWC South East Asia 

UWCSEA (United World College of South East Asia) is Sky School’s lead education partner, and is located in Singapore. The school is part of the global UWC movement that ‘makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future’. UWCSEA is a K-12 school and is currently on of the largest international schools in the world, educating 5,500 students each year.

UWCSEA’s expertise in concept-based curriculum development and leading pedagogical practice makes it ideally placed to lead Sky School’s education development work. 37 of UWCSEA’s teaching staff have been involved in one of Sky School’s ‘curriculum hackathons’ and thus contributed to the curriculum development of the Sky School Diploma Programme. Sky School’s Director of Education and leadership team member Stuart MacAlpine, as well as several of our course leaders are based at UWCSEA. 

Technology Partners

Aula Education

Aula provides support for the online portion of Sky School classes.

Aula provides support for the online portion of Sky School classes.

Aula Education is a social online learning platform, which brings learner engagement to the core of the digital student experience by replacing learning management systems. We use Aula to deliver the online part of Sky School courses: it acts as ‘digital campus’ for our students, enabling them to communicate with each other, share ideas and work on assignments. Aula’s focus on an ‘engagement’ in learning makes it perfect for use in Sky School learning. It is mobile and desktop compatible, and works on older phones as well as in environments with weaker connectivity. 


Jangala helps with low-cost easy-to-use Internet access systems.

Jangala helps with low-cost easy-to-use Internet access systems.

Jangala is a UK not-for-profit making low-cost easy-to-use Internet access systems for challenging emergency and development situations globally. Jangala’s Big Box System is a lightweight briefcase-sized device that transforms any form of internet connectivity into Wi-Fi that is easy to manage and scale, from tens to thousands of users. Sky School and Jangala collaborate to enable partners in areas where there is very little or no connectivity to run Sky School courses. 

Funding Partners 

Sky School is funded through a combination of foundations, corporate and individual giving. Here is a selection of some of our key funding partners.


The Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education

The Catalyst Foundation aims to increase the formal and nonformal educational opportunities available to marginalized youth worldwide. The Catalyst Foundation has played a key role in supporting the curriculum development for the Sky School Diploma.

Kahane Foundation 

The Karl Kahane Foundation helps people to create a dignified and peaceful living environment for themselves and their neighbours. The Kahane Foundation has supported  Sky School’s work in Jordan since 2018.

Emergence Foundation 

The Emergence Foundation supports organisations, charities, social enterprises and projects that are engaged in and committed to the uplift of individuals, organisations and culture at large, providing a force of positive change in the world. The Emergence Foundation is currently supporting Sky School’s work in Greece. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

 Employees from Dell and Blackbaud have raised funds for Sky School through holding events in the workplace. For more information on how to do this, see here

Individual Contributions

Everyone can make a difference and help young refugees develop agency by enabling them to further their education. Few ideas on how to raise funds for Sky School can be found here.