Online and offline study

There are two ways of studying at Sky School:

1. Online only

Any student, wherever they are in the world, will be able to take courses on the Sky School online platform. Lessons and assignments on the platform are given by some of the best teachers from schools around the world. Lessons can be accessed at any time, to allow for flexible study. You will be able to access the courses on your phone, and engage online with your fellow students, as well as receive guidance and support from our online facilitators

2. Online and in person

If you live in a location where there is a Sky School Hub you will be able to study both online and in person:

As well as studying online, at the Sky School learning Hub you will be able to:

  • Access devices (for example computers and tablets)

  • Meet up with classmates in person and conduct team-based activities and projects

  • Be supported by a team leader who will guide and support you in your studies.

In our pilot phase, we will set up one learning Hub in Amman, Jordan, and as the programme expands we will set up Sky School Hubs in other locations.  

For more information and to register your interest for our course that starts in September, see here.

Language of study

 Many Sky School courses will be multilingual so that students from all areas of the world can access them.

More courses and languages will continue to be added, and during the pilot phase, there will be two versions of the courses:

  1. Bilingual English and Arabic

  2. English

Modular programme

 The Sky School Diploma programme will be modular - and once a student has completed  ten modules,  they will receive the  Sky School Diploma. Certain courses will be required but students will also get to choose from different course options. All courses students take in our pilot programme will add up to the final diploma.