UWCLearn: The Ideas Are Human Edition

Podcast UWC Learn from UWCSEA - 8 December, 2017

In this podcast, Tricia Friedman from the UWCLearn podcast interviews our Director of Education Stuart MacAlpine, alongside colleagues Melanie and Jabiz. They talk about how UWCSEA brings the UWC mission to life through the lens of Sky School, the Daraja Academy in Kenya and the IB Global Politics course. Listen to the full interview here


Rebuilding secondary education for refugees

Smarter Communities Media - 26 November, 2017

The loss of secondary school education can constitute a huge setback for young refugees but a new initiative is seeking to provide a free online and offline diploma programme. What has been the progress to date and what’s planned? Read the full article here


Sky School interviewed for Austrian national radio

ORF - 15 September, 2017

"We aim to be serving at least 10.000 refugees by 2025" said co-founder of Sky School, Polly Akhurst when she was interviewed by ORF, Austrian national radio on the topic of refugee education. The interview also featured representatives from Jusoor and Human Rights Watch.  The interview can be found here, and begins at 07.10.


60 seconds on Sky School

Education Investor Magazine - 17 May, 2017

"60 seconds on Sky School - Sky School offers blended learning for refugees in Jordan. We spoke to founders Mia Eskelund and Polly Akhurst". Read the full article here. 


Why We Need A Global High School for Refugees

Refugees Deeply - 29 March, 2017

"The founders of Sky School, a new education initiative for refugee youth, explain why secondary students have been neglected among efforts to support refugee education." Read the full article on Refugees Deeply here