A blended learning certificate course for young refugees - Starting 25 June, 2018

I would recommend this course because it gives each and every person an opportunity to come up with something that can change their lives
— Sky School Graduate

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About the course

This course explores ways you can build peace in your communities. You will first learn about issues relating to peace and will explore the reasons for conflicts on a local and global level.  You will then learn about approaches to resolve conflicts, and will gain skills in communication, listening and facilitation. Finally, you will devise and conduct an activity to contribute to building peace in your community.

Duration and timings

The course takes place over 10 weeks: each week, you will study for 10 hours per week, 6 hours in person with a class and with the help of a facilitator, and 4 hours per week online.


The course materials will be in English. Face-to-face sessions will take place in English and other languages as relevant.

What you will learn on the course

  • Develop your understanding of peace building at a local and global scale
  • Become an effective peacebuilder
  • Build a project that addresses an issue in your community, which may also continue after the course has ended
  • Improve your ability to write and communicate in English
  • Develop valuable skills and knowledge, including peace theory, project management, planning, digital literacy, facilitation, teamwork and communication.
  • Gain a certificate in Peace Building from Sky School, in partnership with UWC South East Asia, an international school in Singapore
  • Join a community of young peacebuilders around the world

Please note: this is a stand-alone course and will not lead to a full high school diploma.

Who can join

This course is designed for young people who are interested in learning to be effective peace builders in their communities.

You can apply for this course if you:

  • Are living in Amman, Jordan; Athens, Greece or Kakuma Camp, Kenya
  • Are aged 16 - 26 years old
  • Are a refugee, internally displaced, asylum seeker or otherwise displaced;
  • Are not currently enrolled in or having previously completed a higher education programme;
  • Are interested in becoming a peacebuilder in your community
  • Are able to read, write and speak in English. We are looking for people who have an intermediate level (B1), and who are eager to learn. You do not need to be fluent in English;
  • Are able to access a smartphone, tablet or computer for 6 hours per week.

How to apply

Click on your location and submit your application today.  The deadlines depends on the location where you are applying.

What if I am not living in these locations?

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The course taught me how to deliver what I want to change in society
— Sky School graduate
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