All Sky School programmes are designed for youth who are displaced or affected by conflict and who are aged 16-25 years old. Each Sky School course lasts for 100 hours and involves 60 hours of class time and 40 hours of online study. All of the courses below, except “English Changemakers”, will form part of the Sky School Diploma programme, which will be launched in specific sites in 2019.

Current programmes


This course explores ways students can build peace in their communities. Students  learn about issues relating to peace and explore the reasons for conflicts on a local and global level.  Students develop their own projects to build peace in their communities, through design and systems thinking. If you are a potential partner who is interested in running this course, you can write to us on


This course introduces students to the concept of social entrepreneurship and the role that social entrepreneurs can play in solving challenges in their communities. Students then generate ideas to respond to problems within their own communities and have the opportunity to prototype and implement them. If you are a potential partner who is interested in running this course, you can write to us on


Coming soon

ENGLISH FOR CHANGEMAKERS: this is an English language learning course for youth who have pre-intermediate proficiency in English (CEFR A1 & A2). The course will enable learners to access further Sky School courses and other English courses at lower intermediate level.

DESIGNING STEM SOLUTIONS FOR THE SDGS: This course combines design thinking,  engineering and the sciences to enable students to design solutions for their communities that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

CULTURE, IDENTITY AND EXPRESSION:  This course enables students to explore and better understand their individual identity, culture and how culture manifests itself in the arts. Students create an project which builds bridges between their community and others.

MATHS FOR CHANGE: This course focuses on ways in which students can apply key mathematical concepts within their communities, to develop projects and businesses and create change.

PEOPLE AND SOCIETIES: This course enables students to understand how societies function and influence the well-being of people, and how they can develop agency in civic and public life in a local context.