Sky School has two programmes: our high school diploma programme and individual courses.

High School Diploma Programme

We have developed the first international high school diploma curriculum for young people who are displaced. It is a holistic and modular programme designed to meet the learning needs of displaced learners in the 21st century.  It comprises a total of 1000 hours of study, which is split into 600 hours of in-person class time and 400 hours of online study. We will launch a full pilot of the Diploma Programme in Jordan and Kenya in early 2020.

You can learn more about what the Diploma Programme looks like here.

Short Programmes 

We also offer short programmes in areas such as “Peace-building”, “Maths for Change” and “Ethical Leadership.” Each course is 100 hours long and is designed to be run over a period  of 10 weeks. Each short programme consists of 60 hours of in-person class time and 40 hours of online study. Short programmes, except “English Changemakers”, will form part of the Sky School Diploma programme. To date, 250 learners in 7 countries have participated in these programmes. 

Here is a selection of our courses: 


In this ten week course, learners will explore how to build peace within their communities. They will look at topics such as self and group identity and how identities can lead to prejudice and discrimination. They will also learn about positive and negative peace, and develop their own peace-building project.


In this ten week course, learners explore the role that social entrepreneurs can play in solving challenges in their communities. Learners generate ideas to respond to problems within their own communities and have the opportunity to prototype and implement them.

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In this ten week course, learners develop their ability to make change in their community through developing collaboration and communication skills in English. Learners will build connections in their community, use language to tell engaging stories, do research on issues in their community and make a presentation in English. 



In this ten week course, you will learn how to use the arts as a means of understanding the world and being able to express yourself. The course considers what 'art' is within a community, and what the role of art really is. You will explore individual and cultural identities, and understand ways that art can express cultural interactions. During the course, you will also look at ways to explain how a work of art explores cultural interactions in the community.

Meet some of the alumni of our short courses here.

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