“The course changed the way I think. Before I saw problems, now I see opportunities!”

Sky School Graduate


Our education

Sky School provides education that creates positive change in the lives of learners today, and that opens up opportunities for the future.   Our programmes enable learners to develop agency, confidence and competencies such as the ability to create new value, take responsibility, and manage complexity, which young people need to thrive and make positive change in their communities. Our curriculum work is carried out in collaboration with our founding partner school, UWC South East Asia and involves educators and refugee youth from around the world.

How it works

We work together with local partner organisations who deliver the programme where they are. To ensure flexibility for the students we work with, our courses use via a blended learning model (60% in person, 40% online), where students meet together with their class and a trained facilitator several times a week, and access learning materials via an online platform in their own time.

Our programmes

Sky School provides individual courses on topics such as peace-building, maths for change, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. We are also developing a high school diploma programme that will enable students to complete their secondary education with Sky School. The programme will be modular: by completing ten courses, students will obtain the Sky School Diploma, will give access to higher education and livelihood opportunities.

Read more about our programmes here.