We are thrilled to announce that Sky School has been asked to join the UNHCR’s #With Refugees Coalition. Sky School is one of more than 450 universities, foundations, faith-based organizations, youth groups, UN Agencies, and NGOs who are working in their own unique capacities to promote access to education, shelter and livelihoods to the refugee demographic throughout the world.

As the #With Refugees Coalition so passionately puts it, “By bringing together a diverse coalition we can have more impact. This is a unique and historic opportunity to create a global movement behind the refugee cause. Our voices are louder and actions stronger when we work together.”

The fundamental aim of the coalition is to spread the essential message of refugee solidarity to a world-wide audience. This message needs to be heard and received, considered and appreciated by a global audience now more than ever before.

In response to the UNHCR’s invitation to join this monumental movement, and work together with such a diverse and progressive consortium of organisations working solely and tirelessly for the betterment of the refugee existence, our Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Mia Eskelund Pedersen, responded by saying, “Sky School is honoured to be recognised for our work in refugee education and we look forward to being part of a broader coalition of organisations which share the common aim of creating a better life for refugees.”

Help us spread the word, and show your support for #With Refugees Coalition and refugees in general by signing this petition today. Your solidarity can move mountains.