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BECOME A PEACE-BUILDER IN Kakuma camp, kenya

This summer, Sky School is running a new course in Kakuma Camp, Kenya in collaboration with URISE. The course is called 'Peace-building in your Community' and is designed for young refugees who want to become peace-builders in their communities. 

The course explores ways you can build peace in your communities, through learning about issues relating to peace and exploring the reasons for conflicts on a local and global level. You will also devise and conduct an activity to contribute to building peace in your community.


The course starts in the week of 16 July. 

Students meet in person for six hours per week, usually during two or three sessions. 


Both courses will run for ten weeks, and there will be a two week break in August. 


Kakuma Camp 1 - URISE Community Center. 


Pascal Zigashane is our lead facilitator in Kakuma. He is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and currently studies Social Work with the Regis University and working for the Jesuit Refugee Services as an IT Assistant, where he provided IT support to the Jesuit World Learning. Programme Pascal is the Executive Director of URISE Initiative for Africa. He has previously worked as a secondary school teacher and outreach coordinator for several organisations in Kakuma.

Chelia Rose has extensive experience working with youth within the Kakuma refugee community. She also worked for different humanitarian agencies serving youth from the community. Rose also served as a school teacher for two years and now works for URISE initiative for Africa as the Education Coordinator and also facilitating Sky School courses in Kakuma.

Who can apply

You can apply to these courses if you: 

  • Are living in Kakuma Camp, Kenya
  • Are a refugee, internally displaced, asylum seeker or otherwise displaced
  • Are between 16 and 26 years old 
  • Are not currently enrolled in or having previously completed a higher education programme
  • Are interested in becoming either a social entrepreneur or a peace-builder in your community
  • Are able to read, write and speak in English at intermediate level. You do not need to be fluent in English. 
  • Are able to use a smartphone, tablet or computer for 6 hours per week. 

The deadline to apply is 4 July, 2018. 

This course gives each and every person an opportunity to come up with something that can change their lives
— Sky School Graduate