Sky School student

Sky School student

Become a peace-builder in hong kong

This fall, Branches of Hope and Sky School are collaborating to run a new course in Hong Kong. The course is called 'Peace-building in your community' and is designed for young refugees who want to become peace-builders. 

The course explores ways you can build peace in your communities, through learning about issues relating to peace and exploring the reasons for conflicts on a local and global level. You will also devise and conduct an activity to contribute to building peace in your local area.

Deadline to apply: XXXXX. 


The course starts on XXXXX, 2018. 

Students meet in person for six hours per week, usually during two or three sessions. 


The course will run for ten weeks. 


Hong Kong - Branches of Hope



Who can apply

You can apply to these courses if you: 

  • Are living in Hong Kong 
  • Are not currently enrolled in or having previously completed a higher education programme
  • Are interested in becoming a peace-builder in your community
  • Are able to read, write and speak in English at intermediate level. You do not need to be fluent in English. 
  • Are able to use a smartphone, tablet or computer for 6 hours per week. 

Deadline to apply: XXXXX. 

The course changed the way I think. Before I saw problems, now I see opportunities!
— Sky School Graduate