The Sky School team is on mission to create a ‘Global High School for Refugees’ because we want to close the huge gap in secondary education for young people who are displaced. We are a small group that is passionate and driven, and who care about relevant, progressive and inclusive education that empowers young people to take responsibility for positively shaping the world, and we would be nothing without the many, many volunteers who support us and contribute their time and skills to making the Sky School mission a reality.

Join us!

Volunteering with Sky School

As a volunteer, you will...

  • Join a global team that cares deeply about social justice and making education accessible to all

  • Work on projects that answer key questions and solve important challenges for Sky School

  • Be able to volunteer from anywhere, and flexibly

  • Work on a project(s) that suit your interests, time, skills and future ambitions.

  • Learn and contribute to the learning of others

Volunteering with Sky School

Sky School needs volunteers in many different areas and capacities, and we hope to welcome a diverse group of volunteers and be able to match your skills, ideal time commitment and interests with a project or area that solve important challenges for Sky School and brings us a little bit closer to making our mission a reality.

Curriculum development (for educators only)

Educators can support curriculum and module development in their field. Most of Sky School's module development happens through so-called 'curriculum hackathons' where educators meet for an intense - but fun - 48 hour workshop where they work together to develop a module that is ready to be piloted.

We will hold a number of hackathons over the next twelve months. If you would like to get involved and sign up to receive information about opportunities to participate, please register your interest

Involve your school or teachers in 'curriculum hackathons'

Curriculum hackathons are intense - but fun - workshops where 10-15 educators get together to work on a module that is ready to be piloted. It is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to use their skills and expertise in a new way, to network and develop professionally as well as for a school to get involved with a social impact project. They are hosted by schools, universities or colleges who lend their premises to the Sky School Hackathon for a weekend, and typically one or two representatives from the school will take the lead in organising the logistics of the hackathon, together with the Sky School core team. 

If you or your institution are interested in hosting a hackathon or sending teachers to contribute to a hackathon, we'd love to hear from you. Please write to us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Other ways to get involved

Set up a Sky School Hub: We always welcome hearing from from individuals or organisations who are interested in partnering and setting up a learning hub where they are, or running Sky School courses with young refugees in their area. If that sounds like you, please write to us on  

Help us spread the word: If you have just two minutes, you can help Sky School in a meaningful way by spreading the word. Talk about our mission and work to friends, colleagues and family - or spread the word on social media by posting on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Keep in touch: Stay up to date on the latest Sky School news by signing up to our newsletter, 'like' us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram

'I dream of using my knowledge to help my community and promote girls education,

but there is a lack of educational opportunities here.'

Rose (18) from South Sudan, currently living in Kakuma Camp, Kenya