A simple way to support us is to shop at AmazonSmile. 0.5% of every purchase you make will be donated to Sky School. This link will take directly to in support of our organisation.

To make it even simpler, install Smilematic, a free Chrome extension, that will automatically turn your everyday Amazon purchases into AmazonSmile donations. No need to log in in your AmazonSmile account every time you make a purchase - do it once and support us endlessly.


You can help fund Sky School every time you shop online. At no extra cost for you Sky School gets a donation from the retailer when you purchase a product in an online store. Thousands of companies are part of this service and it is a great way to effortlessly support our mission daily.

To set up the service, you need to sign up here, select Sky School as your chosen charity and start supporting us!


This service, similar to GiveAsYouLive, allows you to make fundraising simple in your everyday life. This link will take you directly to Sky School’s cause page where you can sign up and start fundraising for refugee education right away.

It is so easy to support our cause while shopping online at no extra cost for you!